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This panel was cosponsored by the American Society of International Law (ASIL). The ASIL was founded in 1906 by Secretary of State Elihu Root to inform and engage the public on issues of international law. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership association and research institute dedicated to providing both information about international law in all its forms and a forum for debate and discussion. This panel was one such forum. It was organized under the auspices of the ASIL Judicial Outreach Program, chaired by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. The Judicial Outreach Program provides information resources for federal and state judiciaries.

The panel attempted to tour the horizon of international law and United States practice. The panelists, who have a broad range of backgrounds and perspectives, discussed a variety of issues, including how one defines the substance of international law, how international law interacts with our Constitution and with domestic legal practice, and how the work of lawyers and judges is evolving due to globalization.



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