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The purpose of the Report is to inform and enrich understanding of environmental issues which may be considered at a Constitutional Convention (should one occur) or with respect to proposals to amend the Constitution through the legislative process.


Adopted by the Task Force on Environmental Aspects of the New York State Constitution.

CHAIR: Katrina Fischer Kuh

MEMBERS: Claudia K. Braymer, Meaghan Colligan, Timothy Cox, Michael Gerrard, Robert Glennon, Carl Howard, Alan J. Knauf, Robert Knoer, Jan S. Kublick, Mary Lyndon, Peter Lehner, Joan Leary Matthews, Rosemary Nichols, Peter S. Paine Jr., Telisport W. Putsavage, Nicholas A. Robinson, Daniel Ruzow, Thomas Ulasewicz, Thomas J. Warth, Philip Weinberg, Neil Woodworth.



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