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This appendix to Deciding the Stop and Frisk Cases: A Look Inside the Supreme Court’s Conference, 72 St. John’s L. Rev. 749 (1998), includes Biographical Information on the Participants in the Case; and transcripts of the complete pretrial and trial proceedings in the 1964 criminal prosecutions of Richard Chilton and John Terry, arranged by Prof. Barrett to create the organization reflected in the Table of Contents at the beginning of the appendix. Footnotes were added to provide citations and, in a few instances, to clarify the text. Bracketed material was added to correct obvious slips of the tongue or the typing finger. Other basic typographical errors were corrected without indication. Internal quotations during arguments by counsel also were conformed without indication to the original quoted material. The appendix includes: The Pretrial Hearing on Defendants' Motions to Suppress Evidence (9/22/64); Direct Examination of Detective Martin; Chilton's Trial (9/29/64); Terry's Trial (10/2/64); the Court's Finding; and Sentencing of Defendant Terry.



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