God, Man, and the Law according to Judge Kavanaugh

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Law & Liberty

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President Trump’s nomination of DC Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has sparked predictable outrage on the left. “People will die” if Kavanaugh is confirmed, a group of progressive Yale Law School alumni wrote the day after his nomination. According to progressive Democratic Senator Cory Booker, not only Kavanaugh’s supporters, but all those who fail actively to oppose his confirmation, are “complicit” in “evil.”

This overwrought reaction from progressives is not surprising. For the past 30 years, progressives have followed a well-worn script when addressing Republican Supreme Court nominations, according to which all GOP nominees must be denounced as extremists, whatever the nominees’ actual records. When it comes to Kavanaugh’s views on church-state issues, though, not only progressives have voiced concerns. Some conservatives have objected too.