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Studies in Transnational Legal Policy

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I am very grateful to the leaders and sponsoring organizations that have brought the Dialogs together for ten years, particularly this year in this very special place. I also thank, humbly, Germany and Nuremberg. We are seventy years out from a Nuremberg trial process that was filled with participants who could not have imagined the Germany, the Nuremberg city of human rights, and their sponsorship and teaching, that we all are beneficiaries of today. It is to the great credit of today's generations of German leaders that they have built this Nuremberg.

My topic, "The Legacy of Nuremberg," is not a Justice Robert H. Jackson topic, although I will make some points that concern Jackson or are "Jacksonian." I am in this lecture trying to imagine some of how I think Justice Jackson and his Nuremberg trial colleagues would have thought seventy years ago, looking ahead to our day and farther, about the potential legacies of the Nuremberg trial.


From the Proceedings of the Tenth International Humanitatiran Dialogs held in Nuremberg, Germany, September 29-30, 2016 (American Society of International Law).



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