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Most law school classes are likely to include students with Attention Deficit Disorder ("ADD") or its related disorder - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADD is a neurological disorder, and many people with it additionally have learning disabilities. Law students with ADD that manifests itself in learning disabilities are the focus of this Article. There has been a growth of services for those with ADD, such as counseling, but unfortunately, "less attention is paid to the thousands of teachers who have been charged with instructing" ADD students. It is imperative for teachers to be equipped for teaching ADD students. To be effective in reaching those students, law professors should understand the common learning-style traits of ADD students. In order to open the "cognitive pathways to learning," professors should help ADD students manipulate materials in ways that best help them learn. That effort will pay added dividends because these nontraditional teaching strategies also will help the non-ADD students with diverse learning styles.



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