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The model for the research process outlined in Chapter 1 assumes a project that is undertaken from scratch, with no prior knowledge of the area of law or essential relevant authorities. Chapter 1 calls this a “fresh search.” However, each research project is by nature unique, and thus requires a distinctive strategy. This chapter explores the ways a judicious researcher can take the essential elements of a fresh search, consider the practical confines of the research environment, develop a strategy for approaching the research process that fits the unique problem, and implement that strategy in a cost-effective and efficient way. The chapter culminates in recommendations for organizing the information gathered so that you can convey your findings in a clear, thoughtful, and useful manner. The chapter concludes with tips on how to know when to end your research.


This publication is from Chapter 11 of New York Legal Research, 4th ed. by Elizabeth G. Adelman, Courtney L. Selby, Brian Detweiler, and Kathleen Darvil (Carolina Academic Press, 2020).



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