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In his recent book published by Cambridge University Press, Professor Lawrence Cunningham explores the nuances of contract law through current events. His decision to use the contracts of modern-day singers, actors, and entertainers to illustrate contract law principles is an inspired choice that will appeal to today’s law students. The book guides the reader down the well-trodden path of classic contract doctrines and applies those classics in modern, celebrity-laden contexts. In this regard, the book reads like an updated version of Marvin Chirelstein’s classic contracts primer— an easy-to-read and clearly written commentary. Cunningham’s version adds rollicking celebrity stories to the mix, simultaneously educating and entertaining the reader. Both students and contract law experts will find much here to enjoy, and find new stories that appeal as much as the old common law chestnuts. But, perhaps because of the broad appeal and audience to which the book is aimed, there may be too optimistic a view about the received wisdom of contract law, inasmuch as existing doctrines have not addressed many of the new consumer law issues raised by modern technology.

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