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Generation X is the group of approximately forty-five million people born between 1961 to 1981. They have been dubbed Generation X, or Gen Xers for short, because there seemed to be nothing dramatic about their experience—not the Vietnam War, not the Civil Rights movement, not the Second Wave of the Feminist Movement. They also have a reputation for disengagement. Gen Xers have been described as disrespectful and suspicious of authority. These stereotypes can negatively influence how law professors conduct their classes and treat their students in general.

This article presents the results of a multi-year study that examined the learning styles of law students. The study was conducted at three law schools—Albany Law School (ALS), New York Law School (NYLS), and St. John’s University School of Law (SJU). We compiled data on the learning styles of 1,500 law students and 73 law faculty and compared their traits.



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