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Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing

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Spring 2022



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In our greater skills community, we share ideas, borrow and tweak theories from other disciplines, and create new approaches. It is understandable how our community may expand pedagogy to the brim of legal writing or explore topics outside of the field. Skills professors are, by nature, a creative collective who teach from the heart and enjoy writing and thinking. Our publishing pursuits can be boundless.

Both Authors of this Article share mutual experiences of dipping our toes in a pond beyond the legal writing continent. Our writing experiences have influenced our teaching, bringing these broader perspectives to our legal writing pedagogy. Part I provides our research and publication fields that we have individually explored and suggests why writing beyond the LRW curriculum could be beneficial. Part II gives examples of how our research has created synergies with our legal writing assignments and classroom exercises. Part III recommends resources readily available to our legal writing community for researching and writing on broader topics.


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