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Law Teaching Strategies for a New Era: Beyond the Physical Classroom

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After reviewing this chapter, readers will understand how to:

  • Implement a faculty-led approach to improving online instruction at their in­stitutions;
  • Convene a faculty task force to spearhead that approach;
  • Engage faculty members in productive discussions about the pedagogy of online law teaching;
  • Prepare a set of institution-specific recommendations for improved online teaching; and
  • Foster a faculty culture invested in innovating online instruction well beyond emergency use.

As so many platitudes tell us, challenges present opportunities. And the challenges of teaching law in a pandemic certainly created an avalanche, a flood, a—pick your natural disaster—of opportunity. Indeed, the sudden switch to online teaching occasioned by COVID-19 was a unique opportunity to start a discussion about law school pedagogy and technology that was, for at least some law faculties, long overdue.


This is from section one of Law Teaching Strategies for a New Era: Beyond the Physical Classroom, edited by Tessa L. Dysart and Tracy L. M. Norton (2021).



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