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Historical Society of the Courts of the State of New York Newsletter

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New Yorkers recall with pride that Robert Houghwout Jackson (1892-1954) was one of us. Jackson became western New York State's leading lawyer during twenty years (1913-1934) in private practice, based primarily in Jamestown. He then went to Washington, D.C., to join FDR's New Deal, and later became an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court (1941-1954).

We also know Robert Jackson as a great American courtroom lawyer. He was perhaps the finest Supreme Court advocate ever during his years as Solicitor General (1938-1939) and then Attorney General (1940-1941) of the United States. During 1945-1946, Justice Jackson served as chief United States prosecutor of the principal surviving Nazi leaders before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Germany. Jackson's notable courtroom work there included opening and closing statements that may be the most eloquent, and the most enduringly important, in the history of modern advocacy.



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