Let me welcome you all to the St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary's symposium on Legal Education at the Threshold of the New Millennium. We have been joined by members of the faculty, distinguished members of the judiciary, welcomed guests and special guests, and, of course, the students themselves.

The 75th anniversary of St. John's University School of Law continues. Throughout the Year 2000, we are celebrating our diamond jubilee with academic programs and lectures that reflect the tradition of excellence that St. John's University School of Law has come to stand for.

One of our hallmarks, and I think this is clearly a reflection of the influence of the Vincentian fathers who founded our great institution, is a commitment to public service. Our alumni have distinguished themselves at all levels of public service. Alumni who have been governors, legislators, public servants at all levels and of course, judges, and not the least of which, is our own Judge Bellacosa, who will take over the deanship in August.



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