When he was a child, he was called kind, gentle and even sweet. He started playing football at a young age that ripened into a successful high school career that lasted from 2004 to 2007. He was a dominant force on the gridiron under the Friday night lights as he played both offense and defense—rarely missing a play. College scouts took notice, and suddenly, the world was his oyster. A small-town kid from Bristol, Connecticut became the talk of college recruiters across the country. In 2007, a year after the death of his father, the quiet kid from Bristol moved to Gainesville, Florida where he played three incredible years as the tight end position at the University of Florida. That same year, his violent and criminal behavior started when he got into a bar fight, and on a separate occasion, was questioned for a shooting.

During his career at Florida, he compiled an improbable twelve touchdowns, over 1,200 yards receiving, and 111 receptions. After winning a national championship at Florida, the young man from Bristol declared for the NFL Draft in 2010, and his talent was sure to get him drafted. However, during draft interviews, he admitted to failing a drug test for marijuana use, but he lamented that this failed drug test was during a rough patch followed by the death of his late father, and it would never happen again. The surefire superstar watched his draft stock crash to the floor, and the quiet kid from Bristol was now the young man with character issues in Florida.



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