This collection consists of materials created by Law School faculty and staff members in conjunction with the Law School Summer Employment Program and as part of additional professional development and research workshops. The materials were created to provide students with resources relative to professional development and research skills. The collection is included in the repository to highlight the work of Law School community members and is not updated for currency.


Submissions from 2021

Introduction to Library Resources, Saadia Iqbal and Christopher Anderson

Summer Employment Program Overview & Best Practices for Legal Research, Courtney Selby and Jeanne Ardan

Submissions from 2020

Overview of Summer Employment Program With Best Practices for Performing Legal Research in a Professional Setting and Time Keeping, Jeanne Ardan, Courtney Selby, Rachel Smith, and Christopher Anderson


Online Professionalism and Confidentiality, Jennifer Baum

Receiving Feedback, Thomas Blennau

Introduction to Library Resources, Saadia Iqbal and Christopher Anderson

Newspaper Resources, Saadia Iqbal and Christopher Anderson

Tips for Succeeding in a Legal Internship, Lalaine Mercado and Melissa Kubit Angelides

Top Things Supervisors Look for in Writing Assignments, Colleen Parker

Dockets 101 - Life Story of the Litigation, Courtney Selby

Legal Analytics, Courtney Selby

Real Research - Advanced Searching With Natural Language and Terms & Connectors, Courtney Selby and Rachel Smith

Legal Ethics - Introduction for Your First Legal Internship, Eric Shannon

Legal Writing Beyond the Classroom, Rachel Smith

Preparing Your Research Results for Delivery, Rachel Smith