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On November 5, 2010, the St. John's Center for Law and Religion proudly hosted the annual Religious Legal Theory Conference. The event, now in its second year and to be shared among different universities, brought together scholars from around the world to discuss this year's theme, "Religion in Law, Law in Religion." The Center chose this theme in order to include papers on traditional church-state issues-"Religion in Law"-as well as papers addressing the role that law plays in various religious traditions-"Law in Religion." In addition, because contemporary law and religion scholarship has moved beyond strictly domestic-law questions, and takes an increasingly comparative approach, we solicited papers addressing non-American legal systems as well as our own. In all, there were six panels: American Law and Religion; Biblical Law; Comparative Law and Religion; Duties of Judges, Lawmakers, and Citizens; Religious Legal Theory; and Religious Conceptions of Law and Loyalty.



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