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Part I of this Article explores the United States justice system’s failure to adequately serve all people irrespective of wealth and position. Next, Part II discusses the ABA’s call to leverage technology to increase access to justice. Part III explores ABA Free Legal Answers Online, the program that the ABA pioneered to help confront the justice gap in the United States. Subsequently, Part IV illustrates how law schools can leverage technology to increase access to justice for low-income communities while providing pro bono opportunities for attorneys and students in their state. This Part highlights Massachusetts as an example of a state that has adopted the ABA Free Legal Answers Online platform and how students and alumni at a Massachusetts law school partnered with a nonprofit organization to be part of a solution to the access to justice problem. Finally, Part V briefly concludes by emphasizing the role that law students—as future leaders of the legal profession—can play in closing the legal aid gap.



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