Kathryn C. Cole

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Book Review



Every New York commercial litigator needs as an arrow in her quiver Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts (“Treatise”). Now in its Fifth Edition, this renowned Treatise not only analyzes in-depth the procedural law and the substantive commercial law of New York, but it is replete with invaluable “nuggets of wisdom” and critical guidance for the “attainment of objectives” during a litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. What began as a three volume resource first published in 1995, the Treatise now boasts ten volumes, 156 chapters (28 of which have been added since the Fourth Edition), and has 256 authors (including 29 distinguished members of the Bench). Notably, the Treatise includes detailed, strategic guidance for each stage of a commercial case, from inception through appeal and judgment enforcement. And, importantly, the Treatise details the “ramifications and [potential] pitfalls of various actions and inactions” during a litigation.



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